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Frustrated by the lack of precision and control when playing Xbox FPS shooters? Finally the ultimate solution is available - the XFPS. The XFPS allows you to play first person shooters with the utmost in control as it gives your Xbox instant utilization of a keyboard and mouse!

  • Connect a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the Xbox console
  • Primarily designed for first person shooter Xbox titles
  • Super quick response and fluidity
  • Complete support for all keys on a standard keyboard and mouse (even scroll-wheel)
  • Integrated memory card slot for compatible devices such as headsets
  • Diverse versatility - works with any game even those without native mouse and keyboard support.
  • Instant play configuration - pre-installed with user friendly configurations for most first person shooters!
  • Multi region compatibly with JAP, NTSC and PAL consoles.
  • Support for most standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse even optical and wireless!
  • USB mice supported via the use of a PS/2 to USB Converter (not included)
  • Inline quick release controller port installed preventing any potential console damage
  • XFPS Magic Adapter