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HDMI is a high quality signal that requires a high quality cable. This is what Dragon provides with the V1.3 HDMI cable for Xbox 360 or PS3. Plastic protect cover, 24K golden electroplate, if you want to use your Xbox 360/PS3 on a HD screen with the best quality, then this is the cable you need.

  • High speed from 165mhz to 340Mhz
  • High definition and durable cable
  • Supports lip sync and new mini connector
  • High quality 24K golden electroplate plugs
  • Supports LCD, Plasma, HDTV and HDIITV Systems
  • Supports 30-Bit, 36-Bit and 48-Bit color depths
  • Supports 1080i/1080p RGB or YCbCr and xvYCC color signals
  • Comes with transparent plastic cable plug protect cover
  • Supports Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1, also supports true HD and DTS-HD sound systems
    HDMI to HDMI V1.3 cable