Item Details - PS3/Xbox 360)//Multi Console Component Cable (Xbox/PS2/PS3/Xbox 360)

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Sick of having to switch component cables every time you want to switch consoles? Need a solution to the mess of wires behind your TV? This multi console component cable allows high definition performance from three different consoles, all controlled by one handy switch.

One end has high quality component inputs to plug into your HDTV (High Definition TV) and the other has connections for the original Xbox, Xbox 360 AND Playstation 2 (or Playstation 3 - works with all versions of both consoles). On the HD displays we tested, we noticed no degradation in image quality compared to a direct connection. Plus, save money on buying expensive, separate cables!

Even If you've only got one component input on your brand new telly but still want the best quality image from all your consoles; no problem! This all-in-one cable only needs one component input on your TV. Whenever you want to switch between consoles, just flick the switch and you're good to go.

Using a separately available optical cable, you can get digital sound from your Xbox 360. Xbox 1 supports stereo sound.

  • Fully Compatible with Xbox 360?, Xbox?, PS2?, PS3? and any TV system.
  • Support Component Signal (Stereo Function)
  • Support AV Signal (Stereo Function)
  • High Quality and High Speed for Transfer Signal.
  • Support Dolby Prologic.
  • Support DTS 5.1 Channel System.
  • Support DOLBY Digital and Surround Sound
  • Support Stereo Sound
  • Support Optical Signal
  • Compatible with Surround Receiver or Integrated Amplifier
  • Support CRT, Plasma, LCD or any HDTV System
  • Fully Compatible with Xbox 360T Console and any TV System
  • Support D2 (480i/480P); (720i/720P) and D4 (1080 i/ 1080 P) technology.
  • (480i/480P); (720i/720P) & D4 (1080 i/ 1080 P) technology.