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out of stock £4.95

The RGB Scart Cable provides a much clearer picture quality compared to a standard AV or even S-Video lead.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has restrictions built into each console that can prevent RGB output. Some cables advertised as RGB are in fact composite, and although they will work with each Nintendo console, the picture is inferior.

Other cables may be not be correctly advertised as RGB and so may not work on your console. Know what you're getting! presents this exhaustive list of Nintendo consoles that your RGB cable will work with:

Gamecube Snes N64
PAL Works as RGB Upgrade to modified version or use S-Video Will not work
USA/JAP Cable requires modification Works as RGB Console must be modified

In summary, if you have a UK GAMECUBE or a USA SNES, this cable will give the very best analogue picture available with NO MODIFICATION. For only £15 extra, we can perform the PAL SNES modification for you.

  • Offers a much improved picture quality
  • Cable length: 175cm / 6 feet
  • Scart plug