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This fantastic little device allows you to connect more than one component High Definition source to your HDTV - so you can connect your Wii,3 60 AND PS3! It works like the Scart splitters of yesteryear: One end plugs into your telly/projector and then you plug your 360, HD-DVD player or other High definition source (or all three!) into this little device.

When you need to switch between devices, just flick the switch! No more messing around plugging/unplugging cables! No need to worry if your brand new telly only has one component input!

We, at, can vouch for the quality of this device, we notice no degradation in image quality between connecting a console through the splitter compared to connecting it directly to the TV. It supports full HD resolutions up to 1080p and does not require a power supply.

  • 3 in 1 component input, one component output
  • 3 component video input (includes sound left and right), 1 output.
  • Suitable for all consoles or AV devices which supports component AV
    YPbPr Component Selector