Item Details - Xbox 360 Ear Force X4 Wireless Dolby Digital 5.1 Headset (Turtle Beach)

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The Ear Force X4 is the next-generation of XBOX 360 wireless headphones designed by the experts in gaming audio technology-Turtle Beach. The core design of the X4 is based on the popular Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 wireless XBOX 360 stereo headphones. Both the X3 and X4 use infrared wireless technology to transmit the game audio, however the X4 has many improvements, including a more powerful transmitter, headphones designed for greater comfort, and Dolby 5.1 channel Surround Sound to reproduce 3D positional sound cues that are otherwise obtainable only with surround sound speakers.

  • True, Dolby 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Game Audio ? Gamers use visual and audio cues to help them excel in high-intensity game play. The X4 Dolby Headphone technology recreates positional audio that can only otherwise be achieved with a true 5.1 speaker system?so even though you're wearing headphones, you can actually hear enemies as they sneak up behind you, bullets fly by your head and other 3D sound cues in the game.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II ? The X4 also decodes Dolby Pro Logic II signals and expands stereo signals into a wider sound field that seems to originate from outside of the headphones. So it even improves the sound of games and audio sources (such as music) that might not have Dolby Digital sound tracks.
  • Game Audio + XBOX Live Chat ? Traditional, single-ear headsets place the XBOX Live chat conversation in one ear, degrading the game audio into a mono experience with the other ear. The Ear Force X4 mixes game audio and XBOX Live communication in the headphones, so you can hear the game in surround sound while chatting online. Separate volume controls allow you to independently set the game and chat levels.
  • Premium Sound ? While most headphones utilize 40mm speaker drivers, the X4 headphones are designed for premium sound with oversized, high-fidelity, 50mm drivers powered by low distortion DC-coupled amplifiers that deliver smooth, deep rich bass sounds and crisp high frequencies to make game sounds come alive.
  • Chat Boost Dynamic Talkback Expander ? The headphones automatically adjust XBOX Live chat levels during loud game moments, so chat from teammates isn't lost in exciting parts of the game play. When the game volume quiets down, the chat level smoothly returns to the normal volume setting.
  • Microphone Monitoring ? By mixing a portion of the microphone signal into the headphone signal, the X4 headphones let you hear your own voice along with the online chat and game audio?so you'll only shout when you want to.
  • Adjustable and Removable Microphone ? An adjustable boom mica can be placed in any comfortable position and can be removed when not required for interactive game sessions.
  • Comfortable for long-play sessions ? The X4 headphones are lightweight, with large, deep, soft ear cushions that are easy on your ears, so you can play for hours with no discomfort. Tilting ear cups and soft head band adjust to fit any size head.
  • Late Night Gaming - When it's too late to be loud, the X4 lets you hear every explosion and footstep at full volume in Dolby surround sound without sacrificing sound quality or disturbing others around you.
  • X4 Ear Force Headphone
  • Dolby Processing Unit