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For years, late-night gladiators have been forced to balance their insatiable craving for explosive game audio with the incessant begging of friends, family and neighbors to turn down that noise! Ear Force X1, competition grade audio gaming headphones, brings these two worlds together into perfect harmony - brought to you by Turtle Beach, the first company to integrate Xbox game audio and online chat for a totally immersive experience.

More Immersive Listening Environment: Hear every nuance of the game - from an opponent sneaking up behind you to your teammates' voice right next to you. The X1s let you immerse yourself in the gaming experience and block out unwanted distractions, giving you a competitive edge.

Comfort and Quality: X1s' lightweight design and adjustable sizing assure hours of comfortable gaming. The durable microphone with adjustable boom can be easily moved to any preferred position, or away from your face in between battles.

Late Night Gaming: When it's too late to be loud, the X1s let you hear every explosion and footstep, communicate and talk trash without disturbing others, so you can extend your gaming sessions into the night.

USB powered! No bulky power adapter needed for Xbox 360 and PC.

Ear Force X1 Features:

  • Hear voice chat mixed in with stereo game audio
  • Blast the game sound without the mic picking it up
  • Adjust game and chat volumes separately
  • Amplifier with bass boost for heart-thumping sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long play sessions
  • Professional
  • grade quality stands up to hard play
  • USB powered - no wall plug required
  • Turtle Beach X1 Headset