Item Details - Xbox 360 RROD Team Xecuter Repair Kit Bulk Pack (10 consoles)

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The Red Ring of Death (RROD) syndrome can be a common problem and renders your console unusable. The Team Xecuter RROD fix consists of specially formulated heat pads that fit over the memory modules that commonly break and lose their connection, thereby renewing the connection.

This bulk pack contains 40 heatpads, enough pads to repair 10 Xbox 360 consoles. It is designed for customers who need to repair a lot of machines and have all the tools available. See here for a comprehensive guide on how to apply this fix.

The Red Ring of Death only applies to THREE red flashing lights around the power switch. If all four are flashing, this is a different issue.

  • Fix the RROD syndrome.
  • Enough pads to fix 10 RRODs
  • Instructions available here
    Bulk pack of 40 heatpads