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The Red Ring of Death (RROD) syndrome can be a common problem and can render your console unusable. Indicative of a hardware failure, no one wants to see three flashing red lights around the power switch and it could mean your Xbox 360 has serious issues. However, this kit can solve the problem for you.

Designed for use a single Xbox 360 machine, this kit from Team Xecuter contains the screwdrivers and heatpads that you need to get your 360 working again. Correctly use the kit and you could be seeing the end of those three worrisome red LEDs on the front of your console. Unusually, you donâ€"t need to be a professional to make a good repair job with this kit! All you need to do is follow the instructions and keep an eye out for the disappearing RROD!

N.B. The Red Ring of Death only applies to THREE red flashing lights around the power switch. If all four are flashing, this is a different issue.

  • Rid your 360 of the Red Ring of Death (RROD) syndrome
  • Cheap but invaluable
  • For use on one single Xbox 360
  • Instructions available here
  • 360 unlock kit required to open Xbox 360
  • T10 screwdriver
  • T8 screwdriver
  • 4x heatpads