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Want the best arcarde joystick that gives you a real advantage in fighting and other games, then the Dominator joystick is for you. It is truly the best hardware advantage you can own!

The XCM Dominator Joystick includes 2 very special features: Combo Attacker and Independent Rapid Fire. This will allow you to dominate your opponents with ease. With these 2 features in hand fighting games will never be the same again! Compatible with Playstation 3 and PC.

Some gamers find the combo attacks in many games are hard to execute on a regular basis. You may need to combine 4-8 different button attacks with the proper timing to pull special moves. (Example: Y + Y + X + L + R + A + Y + B) With a normal controller this task is nearly impossible. The XCM Dominator Joystick solves this problem, and lets you execute these combos with ease. Just program the keys to a special button and then you only need to press that button to pull off those special moves.

What is in the box:
XCM Dominator Joystick and Usage manual
  • Suitable for PS3/PC
  • Ideal for fighting games such as Street Fighter IV
  • Independent rapid fire mode for any button
  • Combo Attacker macro button lets you maps attacks to a single button!
  • XCM Dominator Joystick
  • Instructions