Item Details - PS3/PS1/XBox/PC/GC)//Deluxe Dance Mat (Wii/PS2/PS3/PS1/XBox/PC/GC)

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out of stock £44.99
This incredible dance pad features the super sensitive technology and works flawlessly with the PS, PS2, Xbox, Wii, GC and PC. From complete novices to experienced experts, you can now experience skill level that can match your abilities. Whether you are competing against the challenge of the game or you are seeking particular opponents to match your wits and dexterity, this dance pad will provide you with a completely new and rich experience. It definitely raises the bar for quality in a video game peripheral.

It has durable thick inserts underneath each button so that you can feel the difference between the button and the other parts of the pad. The super sensitive no more delay technology, resulting in better performances and higher scores.

It also features deluxe foam that will keep up with your fastest moves. This cushion insert gives you the perfect balance between fast reaction times and comfort, so you can play longer and get higher scores.

  • Compatible with PS, PS2, XBox,Wii, GC and PC USB (no driver needed)
  • Latest version with 6 pieces hard foam insert
  • Deluxe model dancing pad supporting 8 arrows
  • 21mm hard foam inserts
  • Open with a zipper
  • Reinforced, raised buttons
    Dance mat