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This high quality alternative to the official Nintendo SD Memory Card adapter works with all compatible games (Animal Crossing etc.) and used alongside the Gamecube Action Replay it can also be used to boot homebrew code.

  • Unofficial SD Adaper for Wii and Gamecube

    What is SD Gecko?

    SD Gecko is a Secure Digital Media (SD) adapter designed to fit in the memory card ports of the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games console.

    What is the Adapter for?

    The SD Gecko adapter can be used with a number of free supported applications such as 'SD Load', a great file launching program designed for developers to upload and run executable files.

    Is the Adapter just for developers?

    No many Gamecube/Wii homebrew programs such as emulators support loading files from SD card, all of which are free and are legal to download.

    Can I use my SD gecko as a normal memory card?

    Sorry you cant use the SD card as a normal memory card as most commercial game titles do not support it. However there are some Japanese games such as Animal crossing which do have this feature.

    Can I use any SD Card in my Gecko?

    You can use any Full size and Mini SD Card (adapter included). However branded media have faster speeds.

    Is this adapter the same as the official SD adapter made by Nintendo?

    Function wise it is the same, just the design is different. It is however unlicensed and not supported by Nintendo.

    What size SD card can I used with SD Gecko?

    Any Size SD card up to 2GB (max size) will work with SD Gecko. SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) which are 4GB or more are not supported at this time.

    • Works with fullsize SD or Mini SD card
    • Can be used with Free 'SD Load' to run Gamecube homebrew applications on Wii
    • Can be used to backup media using Free custom homebrew applications
    • Full Support on most Gamecube / Wii emulators
    • Essential Item for any unofficial Gamecube & Wii Developer