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Overheating can pose serious problems for any console and a proper cooling system is essential for safe, reliable operation. External Xbox 360 air coolers help but they can only reduce the temperature of the 360â€"s outer surfaces. As they donâ€"t provide any cooling to the CPU or GPU, they leave the internal workings open to overheating issues, leading to possible danger and non-functioning.

However, the XCM Core Cooler V2 works to reduce the temperature within the centre of the 360, directing cool air where itâ€"s needed most. The twin set-up doubles the effect to ensure your overheating worries will be a thing of the past. Plus, for optimum performance, you could combine with the XCM High Speed Air Cooler and get the greatest cooling efficiency yet.

This product isnâ€"t just functional, though. Lighting up in bright, attractive red, it adds glamour to practicality and lends unique colour personalisation to your 360â€"s technology.

An invaluable addition to the Xbox 360, this reliable product looks after your console to give it the constant care it requires and even looks good while itâ€"s doing it!

  • Compatible with all Xbox 360s
    • Compatible with all Xbox 360s
    • Directly cools the CPU/GPU from within
    • Twin fans double the cooling effect
    • Prevents overheating dangers
    • Prolongs the life of your console
    • Lights up in bright Red
    • Caters for practicality and appearance
    • 2 x Red core cooler fans
    • All neccessary wiring