Item Details - Spider RGB Scart Cable (Xbox, PS2, PS1, PS3, GC, DC, SNES)

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Hereâ€"s a spider that even arachnophobes are going to want in their home! This PS2 Spider RGB Scart Cable is equipped to connect as many as 8 games consoles up to your TV (up to 5 at any one time), allowing you to make disconnecting and reconnecting a thing of the past. This universal scart is every game addictâ€"s dream and a perfect solution for households with multiple players and various different favourite games. It has RGB Scart inputs for your Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Saturn and SNES. It will also work with the N64 after it has been internally modified to accept the RGB signal.

One end of this 2 metre long cable plugs into the back of your telly, while the front end connects up to your consoles so never again will you need to fumble about in the dust at the back of your TV set. One initial connection will be all you require to set your consoles up for good, leaving you more time to devote to get onto the next level!

  • First true RGB cable of its kind
  • 2 metres long
  • Compatible with:

  • -Xbox
  • -Playstation 2
  • -Playstation 1
  • -PSOne
  • -GameCube PAL
  • -Dreamcast
  • -Superfamicom
  • -Saturn
  • -Will also work with Nintendo 64 after internal modification.