Item Details - Xbox XCM 360 Wireless Controller Shell with Deep D-Pad (Black)

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XCM Wireless controller shell for Xbox 360 not only change the style of your pad, but comes with extra features such as special buttons lightning and an improved D-pad for better directionnal control.

XCM new wireless controller shell now comes with a new D-pad and LED kit set to light up all buttons.

The XCM D-Pad has been redesigned and optimised. The new XCM wireless controller shell uses a much larger D-pad with more room to allow the d-pad to move more when using it. This will make sure you do not accidentially hit another direction on the d-pad while trying to access something else. For example when switching weapons on most first person shooters.

  • Installation instructions for first generation controllers are here.
  • Installation instructions for second generation controllers are here.
  • Black case
  • Light up LEDs
  • Suitable for wireless Xbox 360 controllers
  • Enhanced D
  • pad
    - Screwdriver - 2 x Triggers - 360 controller case with LEDs/new D-pad