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A dream comes true! Use your Xbox 360 wired controller on your Playstation 3 with XCM Cross Battle Adapter. Also feature a Rapid Fire function and Plus version supports rumble and all PS3 versions.

For xbox 360 controllers' fans, now you can use your 360 wired controller on PS 3 console, plug and play, also built in rapid fire function.

? For many reasons people really like the Xbox 360 controller. The look and feel are second to none. Now those same controllers can be used on your Playstation 3 console! For the first time you'll have the use of real triggers on your Playstation 3 console!

'PLUS' version fully supports rumble and is compatible with all Playstation 3 models.
  • Use Xbox 360 controller on your PS3
  • Wired 360 joypads only
  • For rumble support, use the 'Cross Battle Adapter Plus'
  • Rapid fire function for each button
  • Rumble feature
    Cross battle adapter plus for PS3